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The Smoke Free Formula Book
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I wrote this book because Jon Elek, a literary agent, led me to appreciate that there was a need for a book for smokers that they could trust to tell them the truth about stopping in a way that they would find engaging and useful.

I was reluctant at first because there are lots of 'evidence based' books out there but they are not very popular. How can a scientist compete with people who promise you guaranteed success if you use their method? In the end, after talking it over with my son, Jamie, I decided it could be done. The way I would do it would be to speak personally to smokers, just as though you were sitting in my office. I would chat with you, tell you anecdotes, tell you about the experiences of other smokers and try to bring the science alive so that whatever else this book was, it would be ‚Äča good read.

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