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An essential guide by Professor Robert West PhD

One of the world's leading experts on stopping smoking

The Smoke Free Formula Book
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The Smoke Free Formula Book
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This is a stop-smoking guide with a difference. It tells the truth and tries to do this in a way that will give you the best possible chance of stopping with every quit attempt.

So I am not presenting a magic cure, and I am not pretending that I know exactly what is going to work for you. No-one does.

What I do in the book is:

  • tell you what the science tells us about why you are finding it hard to stop
  • show you why there is no such thing as a failed quit attempt - every day you don't smoke is a plus - and a step on the road to lasting success
  • tell you about 29 things you can use in your quit attempt and what the science tells us about each one

Using this and your own experience, you create your own formula

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